Indonesia Disaster Relief Fund (IDRF) is an open-ended pooled fund that will be in-country distributed to locally-based Indonesian partners to provide limited financial support to eligible needy employees of partners who are experiencing temporary financial distress or hardship due to certain emergency conditions.

IDRF grant funds sourced from U.S.-based foundations, managed in specific structure designed to ensure compliance the U.S. charitable regulation under IRS Code, and accessible for partners that meet all the eligibility criteria which will be outlined in the program description of each round.

Limited financial support will be provided to the situations that is short-term or temporary in nature, not long-term situations where the employee has known about and been managing for a long-time.

Temporary financial distress or hardship means that the employee was able to manage finances before but is now unable to do so because of certain events that happened that were outside the employee’s control. Distress or hardship may be caused by a defined, time-limited, specific event such as natural disaster, non-natural disaster, or any other event which is determined by the Government of Indonesia to be of a catastrophic nature.

Currently, IDRF manages a number of emergency funds for COVID-19 Relief Fund (C19RF) which can be accessed to provide assistance for employees who bear COVID-19 related expenses that have occurred after 1 June 2021 to 31 March 2022.

We invite your organization to access and participate in the COVID-19 relief effort and distribute this emergency fund to support eligible needy employees who are the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, even though this assistance seems to have come a bit late.