Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (EEAF) is an open-ended fund mechanism which should be set up by the partners who wish to access IDRF. The EEAF mechanism should be equipped with the structure, operating procedures, and committee which is set through the Management Decree, in order to comply with U.S. charitable regulation. Penabulu will be closely assisting partners who wish to access IDRF in setting up the EEAF.

As an open-ended fund, EEAF should be announced to all employees and opened all year round, even if the funding is currently not available, in order to easily support the emergencies situation when funding becomes available. EEAF addressed to the eligible needy employees who are experiencing temporary financial distress or hardship affected by the emergency conditions in the form of direct relief fund.

EEAF Committee is an independent internal committee that functions as the main mechanism in accepting employee applications, conducting assessment and verification, determining priorities needy applicant based on current available funding and approved of which employee applications are eligible for financial support.